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hi, erm, i stan a bunch of artists, i play roblox, i like vintage computers, and im a bit of a tragic rose. go stream shaking the habitual by the knife.
Spokane Valley, WA


Total people diagnosed : 420 people
1. What's Your True Alignment? (164)
Designed with the 11x11 alignment chart instead of the traditional 3x3 chart.
2. Mean Girls OC Generator (74)
Make fetch happen and take over North Shore High School with this simple generator.
3. Spill Some HOT Tea (93)
Exactly like what happens in the beauty community every day.
4. Build A Computer (43)
This quiz will automatically build you a new computer. Some of the results may be unexpected.
5. Your Selection Character (46)
If you were in The Selection, who would you be?
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