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A dumbass who can occasionally draw or animate * She/They pronouns! thanks. *


Total people diagnosed : 63,170 people
1. Tumblr Post inspired Username (103)
Not all about the Yahoo-owned site is bad! [I will add some more later] ||I can't guarantee tha...
2. Will your name be in the credits? (71)
Inspired by XSEED Games.
3. The Himbo stats (265)
Do you have enough Heart, Idiocy, Muscle, Beefiness & Optimism to be a Himbo? Idunno so have fun...
4. Random Pokémon Name picker! (97)
I have too many danm eggs and I surprise trade them all, so here's a ton of fun PKM names for y...
5. Edgy Latin name Username (234)
6. Your SinOAlice-self (127)
You but as a SinOAlicecharacter! Cause I have nothing better to do and I’m so glad it’s getting a wo...
7. Character Design Randomize (295)
This is (again) for personal use! So have fun!
8. Demon character maker! (824)
Name not included! I mostly made this for personal use but hey have fun!
9. You as a video game Protagonist (665)
Cause I am bored
10. What NSP song are you? (63)
Includes the rejected songs too! Tho not all songs are here YET!
11. Character concept generator (396)
Color pattern, a concept, WHATEVER! Have FUN
12. You as a Fate Grand order Servant! (59,009)
Now complete with Rarity, Class, HP, Atk, A Voice actor, Illustrator and Noble Phantasm!
13. Overwatch Character + skin (695)
Cause I'm bored, plus people who have all the skins cause. ps. Only gonna use Skin namescause I...
14. What kind of alcoholic drink are you? (326)
You're a new drink everyday! (Bonus! You get a small snack too!)
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