Fransisca Paliyama
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| Blessed | Doing do-good-and-do-no-harm stuffs for living (so far) | Drowning in 48's charm |
Bandung, Indonesia


Total people diagnosed : 14,432 people
1. Today's simple dream (536)
Your simple daily dreams..
2. Idol catchphrase (2,598)
Your catchphrase as an idol (taken from AKB48 catchphrase)
3. Your sister in AKB48 or SKE48 (2,975)
Perfect character in member AKB48 or SKE48 that suit to be your onee-chan (older sister) or imouto (...
4. AKB48 Wota Detector (4,591)
Detect your progress as a wota.... errr.. [or not]
5. Your Majisuka Gakuen Char (1,849)
Who will you be in AKB48's Majisuka Gakuen?
6. Your AKB48 position (1,883)
Your position as member of AKB48
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