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Total people diagnosed : 163,032 people
1. Your Own Dating Sim! (1,592)
Find out what kind of dating sim you would be in and who your prospective lovers are!
2. Your Mass Effect Persona! (662)
Your very own Mass Effect self!
3. Which Alolan Pokemon should you train? (1,577)
Good luck, have fun, etc.
4. Which Mega-Pokemon do you use? (1,276)
Mega Stone activate!
5. Who is your Mystic Messenger lover? (35,214)
Based on the Korean dating sim/otome game, Mystic Messenger! Edited as of 9/19/16!
6. An Overwatch Date! (5,866)
Your first date with a random character from Overwatch! I hope it's romantic! Edit: Now with 1...
7. Overwatch Dating SIm (11,997)
Who is your Overwatch bae? Now with 100% more Ana Amari and Sombra!
8. Who is your Overwatch Bae? (4,314)
Who is your alpha, your omega, your one true hero?
9. A Pokemon Life! (3,624)
You and your best Pokemon pals!
10. Your Shitpost Username (2,221)
Don't expect much here.
11. Your Dragon Age Life! (960)
Find out your Dragon Age life!
12. What Major Arcana are you? (538)
Find out what Major Arcana relates to you most!
13. Your Magical Title Generator! (1,391)
Are you the ruler of a magical land? Or the god of a specific power?
14. Which is your Pokemon Type? (2,112)
Find out your Pokemon Type! Includes several unique combinations!
15. World of Warcraft Class Generator! (1,032)
Your World of Warcraft Class!
16. Fairy/Pixie Generator! (517)
Magical powers bestowed on a tiny, floating humanoid!
17. Your Hogwarts journey! (1,558)
Find out what House you belong to and what you are best at!
18. Your RPG Stats! (4,879)
All stats are out of 100! Find your stats today!!
19. Your Magical Sword! (494)
Ever want to slash down your foes with an enchanted blade?
20. Your Fantasy RPG Class! (524)
A lot of fun fantasy classes for you or your characters!
21. Your Pokemon Husband! (1,478)
Choose a Pokemon bachelor for your husbando.
22. Dragon Creator! (577)
Poof! Make yourself or a character into a dragon!
23. Your God Tier title! (261)
Your Homestuck God Tier and Derse or Prospitian alliance!
24. Witch Creator! (12,348)
Cast a spell and make yourself into a little witch!
25. Your Wizarding Wand! (2,262)
Ever want a wand like the famous Harry Potter? Here is your chance to head to Hogwarts!
26. Your OmegaRuby/AlphaSapphire Journey! (312)
A prediction of your upcoming journey into the revamped Hoenn!
27. ANCL Town Generator! (1,549)
A town for you to make, including a town theme and public works projects!
28. Animal Crossing Villager Generator! (48,683)
Perfect if you want to create an AC design or find a villager persona!
29. Your Sailor Scout Self! (1,661)
Find your Sailor Senshi powers, outfit and weapon!
30. Flight Rising Dragon Creator (5,255)
Make a dragon or find your dragon persona! Updated 10/06/15
31. Your Pokemon Team! (6,298)
Your very own Pokemon team!!
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