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I like to sing, gfx design & mograph *(〃・ェ・〃人)* • @Seren_CB host • collabs: open • @lunarca_ ❤️
I & H: @furisou


Total people diagnosed : 3,895 people
1. Body Part Trend! (1,194)
What's your twitter icon going to be?
2. Animator Shindan (377)
Who will animate your choruses?
3. How many Kevins do you have? (406)
How many Kevins in the YT Community have you collected?
4. Mustaches! (576)
What type of mustache do you have?
5. Pretty Legs! (1,040)
How pretty are your legs?
6. H*P Matchmaker! (302)
Diagnose your Harlequin*Project match
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Make your very own diagnosis!
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