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Total people diagnosed : 33,488 people
1. your kpop idol life (2,627)
what kind of group are you in? how does it do? what do your fans know you for? do you have any side ...
2. apocalypse: twice & u (647)
u, twice, and a nuclear bunker
3. nct coffee shop au (3,540)
you're all coworkers at a coffee shop.
4. loona as your twitter moots (450)
loona on stan twt bro
5. loona as your coworkers at a coffee shop (444)
you work together. it be like that.
6. bts as coffee shop coworkers (519)
you all work at a coffee shop. this is how it goes.
7. the apocalypse with nct (1,761)
u and nct in a nuclear bunker....
8. u & bts in the apocalypse (726)
what do u get up to in a nuclear bunker...?
9. your life as a medieval kpop idol (294)
bards only. this is very stupid.
10. kpop suburban bake sale feud (329)
you too can imagine your life as a suburban house spouse in a mortal feud. bts nct txt loona twice w...
0 Kpop
11. ur Romantic kpop story (22,151)
it's the romantic era b we goin 19th century. nct wayv bts loona twice shinee itzy txt
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