Total people diagnosed : 44,592 people
1. How you look like as a fantasy anime cha... (1,600)
Are you an elf, a fairy or maybe a mermaid? Find out how you look like as a fantasy Anime character
2. You as a fairytale character (1,236)
Find out what's your fairytale character is
3. Exo lovestory (3,782)
Exo members in love
4. Your Hetalia Cosplay (503)
Find out which Hetalia Character you should cosplay!
5. Your child as AnimeChara! (844)
Find out how your future child will look as an Anime Character!
6. Your relationship with suju (608)
What is your relationship with the members of Super Junior?
7. Love confessions (k-pop, suju) (426)
How'll your idol react if you confess your love to him? (Super Junior)
8. Your perfect anime boyfriend? (5,113)
How does your perfect anime boyfriend look?
9. What's your Reborn Chara-Song? (340)
Find out which Chara-Song from Katekyo hitman reborn fits you!
10. Your relationships (k-pop) (5,354)
Your relationship with k-pop Idole! (b1a4, Suju)
1 kpop
11. You as an anime character! (14,697)
Have fun~
12. what is your k-pop song? (10,089)
Find out which k-pop song fits you!
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