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T'es qui, toi? o.O Just a random stranger with an awkward sense of humour.
Canada, Ont.


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1. Character Quirks! (570)
It says it in the title. Make your character that much weirder. Generate idiosyncrasies for your cha...
2. Likes & Dislikes (20,568)
If you have trouble coming up with likes and dislikes for your OCs, here ya go. I'm always stum...
3. Your Appearance as a Male Pt 2 (416)
A continuation of my Male Appearance Pt 1. This one was made in case you wanted more details for you...
4. Your Appearance as a Male Pt 1 (436)
A physical description of OC had they been given a pair of XY chromosomes. It's more realistic ...
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