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「2019年も絶対アイナナしようぜ!」|| ❗i7 SPOiLERS❗||📷🧜‍♀️🚲✏️📖🖊️🎙️ || GER/ENG/基本的な日本語 OK


Diagnosed by 1,695 people.
1. Which of the Seven Seas is your home? (61)
Where does your aquatic self belong? (Results change daily.)
2. IDOLiSH7 kiss/marry/kill (1,027)
Which i7 characters do you kiss and marry, who do you kill?
3. Your manager in IDOLiSH7! (387)
Who would be your manager in IDOLiSH7? Results change every day!
4. What is your IDOLiSH7 card type? (220)
Find out what kind of card you are in IDOLiSH7! Results change every day! Not every result will make...
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