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Australia, underground shame bunker.


Total people diagnosed : 1,135 people
1. Create a magical girl (85)
A generator for girls of the magical variety.
2. Video Game hero (55)
Your life is now a video game, let’s see what it’s like!
3. Aesthetic prompt (170)
Generates a colour scheme, music genre (optional), and three keywords to create a random aesthetic f...
4. Your Yandere Boyfriend (135)
Boys can be Yandere too, y’know!
5. Supernatural Yandere Gf (86)
“No magic or technology can keep us apart!” (Yandere gf gen, now with powers.)
6. Your Yandere Girlfriend (275)
“Let’s be together forever, my love” (A Yandere girlfriend generator for all your Yandere girlfriend...
7. You’re a marvel character! (244)
A remake of my dc character gen, but now with marvel characters!
8. You’re a dc character! (85)
So you’re a dc character now. Here’s your info and story!
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