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Taro @Untramen_Taro
I'm Untramen, your neighborhood Chinese bootleg Ultraman. Call me Taro! || UTAU Ama Ebi VP || 👓Student-Doc || matching with @lululeighsworld
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1. Bad Decision Maker (3,186)
We've all made some bad decisions in life, what's yours?
2. Mola mola death (574)
If you were a mola...
3. Twitter Follower Fun (4,566)
Some prompts to get to engage with your followers
4. Lewd or not? (38,310)
How lewd are you?
5. Vocaloid Date (850)
So you went on a date. How does it end?
6. Student Shindan (1,087)
What does sensei think of you?
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