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Total people diagnosed : 10,313 people
1. do you think you're good sister?? (410)
sisters are always share the happens&sadness and dreams tagther but how much do you think you&#...
2. what's you gonna be in anime ? (909)
what's character you gonna be in anime? This test is changeing every day with more character...
3. lover maker!! (879)
enter your real name to see what's your lover gonna be!!!
4. what kinda person you are??? (561)
do you think yourself more than we do??? Don't You believe? thin what are you waiting for see...
5. how much do you love cats??? (967)
this test is for fun don't take it Seriously!!!
6. what kpop group you will be in?? (2,141)
there are many many kpop groups in the world but what's the group you will be in??? And it�...
7. what are you gonna be in future?? (1,247)
enter your real name for this test!
8. Are you a mean girl/boy? (247)
enter your real name to see if you are a mean person or half of that or not mean !
9. where are you supposed to live ? (770)
10. what Free! anime characters would say to... (1,173)
Haruka Nanase (´ー`) Makoto Tachibana(=´∀`) Nagisa Hazuki( ゚∀ ゚) Rei Ryugazaki<(‾︶‾)> Rin M...
11. are you good girl/boy/friend? (350)
see it your self!
12. what character are you in attack on Tita... (659)
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