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Total people diagnosed : 7,445 people
1. Your Digimon Journey (Pt. 6/6) (1,002)
The villain is vanquished, your journey seems to be coming to an end, so what happens in the finale?
2. Your Digimon Journey (Pt. 5/6) (1,007)
Alright so who is this/these jerk(s) causing all this trouble in the Digital World anyway? Time to u...
3. Your Digimon Journey (Pt. 4/6) (1,061)
Now that the trouble is over, what happens in the aftermath of the battle?
4. Your Digimon Journey (Pt. 3/6) (1,178)
Uh-oh! There's trouble! Looks like it's time for your Rookie Digimon to Digivolve into a Champion, b...
5. Your Digimon Journey (Pt. 2/6) (1,084)
So you have your Digimon, but how did you meet and how did you get your digivice?
6. Your Digimon Journey (Pt. 1/6) (2,113)
If you were a Digidestined what would your journey be like? Let's find out! First you need your Digi...
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