Total people diagnosed : 222,091 people
1. Oh my god how could you?! (3,368)
Well? What horrible thing have you done this time?
2. How the dads of Dream Daddy see you (2,580)
Have you captured the daddies' hearts, or have they blocked you on Dadbook?
3. Dadsona generator (7,189)
Generates a one-of-kind dadsona for all of your dadding needs! Inspired by Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating...
4. Unusual fursona generator! (4,702)
'Cause regular fursonas are just passé
5. You as a virus! (4,914)
Find out how you spread and how you affect people!
6. The type of person you REALLY are (5,859)
What people think of you, and how much you live up
7. What kind of tsundere are you (2,549)
No use trying to deny it, you're a full-blown tsundere, as proven by your stammering and the bl...
8. Some friendly advice (1,320)
To keep you on track. You're so worth it <3
9. What type of ghost are you? (1,497)
Left behind on a world no longer your own, you roam the land, your soul searching for release...
10. Intimacy stats! (NSFW) (96,105)
Get your personalized intimacy stats, and finally figure out what type of lover you are~
11. Romance stats! (29,601)
Get your personalized romance stats, and finally figure out what type of lover you are~
12. Ideal City Generator (1,148)
Generates a city or community for drawing, world building, storytelling or random fun!
13. Ideal Neighborhood Generator (1,255)
Creates a charming neighborhood for drawing, world-building, storytelling or random fun!
14. What makes you a failure? (1,473)
Now you can have a convenient excuse for when people ask why your life is such a wreck!
15. Kemono Bara Meet Cute! (2,479)
What awkward situation will lead you to your anthro dream guy? (*´ω`*)
16. What are you the god(dess) of? (2,832)
Find out what elements you rule over as a magnificent celestial being!
17. How do you save the day? (719)
The apocalypse is here, death and chaos rain down from all directions! But wait, who's that res...
18. Your Yaoi Anime Life! (1,939)
Generates an appearance, personality and boyfriend for your new adventures as a yaoi anime protagoni...
19. Find Your Furry Father (V2.0) (3,928)
Find out which finely aged anthro man cares for you, and how! Now with (slightly) improved results!
20. Your Yuri Anime Life! (1,209)
Generates an appearance, personality and girlfriend for your new adventures as a yuri anime protagon...
21. A really nice shindan (220)
Random complements for those times when your mood needs a little boost. You deserve it!
22. Why are you sad? (752)
This shindan will help you determine why you just feel so blue. Poor baby~
23. Kemono Bara Cuddle Buddy! (4,155)
Find out which big guy you get to snuggle up to~
24. Yaoi couple generator (4,761)
Have you ever wanted to create your own yaoi couple? Then I've got good news for you!
25. What you REALLY mean when you say "... (6,703)
Are you true to your word, or a regular heartbreaker?
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26. What kind of yandere are you (3,515)
With a loving heart and a dark mind, you're hot on the trail of your beloved, resolved to follo...
27. Your Demon Form (19,380)
Now, you may finally witness the horrific creature that you will forever wander the bowels of hell a...
28. Will you go to heaven? (2,488)
29. Your Demon Life (3,451)
Well, here you are in hell. Flames, screams, it's got it all. You think it can't get worse...
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