Spiritsnare△ @ AniCLover ep 1 11/8!
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どーも、すぴりっとすねぁ(Spiritsnare/S. Snare)です!★ 米国北加州人 ★ 9割英語1割日本語で呟いています ★ スケブ(小箱とたん氏の4コマの奴)、まなスト、けもフレ、ゆるキャン大好き ★ 音ゲー色々 (ダンスラ・ボルテ・DDR)★ ドラガリやってます


Total people diagnosed : 598 people
1. *ight of *ights (ver1) (74)
Get your very own ight of ight riiiight here.
2. Theatrhythm FF Curtain Call Trial of the... (33)
Don't know what you wanna play next? Wanna mix things up a bit? Use this to tell you what to pl...
3. Timepiece phase Ⅱitter (90)
you're finally done playing your set of classy Hirofumi Sasaki songs, what do you get
4. Find-me-an-SP-8-on-Lincle-tter (87)
Because you're playing IIDX and you want a random SP 8 without doing the whole spinning-the-turntabl...
5. Your Own IIDX SP 8-dan-tter (314)
Gives a singleplay 8th-dan IIDX course designed especially for you! (All results are on Hyper diffic...
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