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Total people diagnosed : 25,412 people
1. What Mythical Creature Are You? (2,013)
Are you a Centaur? Or maybe you're a Chimera? Let's see!
2. Which OTGW Character Are You? (258)
I love Over The Garden Wall so much-
3. What Is Your Anime Intro? (1,573)
There are a lot of different anime intros..Which one is yours?
4. What Type Of 'Dere' Are You? (13,690)
Go ahead
5. What Gravity Falls Character Are You? (718)
6. What Type Of Bitch Are You? (1,405)
Only do this if you're okay with being called a bitch, this is just for fun. These are random, ...
7. Your Gem And It's Location (1,117)
I've seen a couple of things similar to this and I wanted to make my own, so here it is!
8. Which Pokemon Will You Be Chosen As? (1,045)
Alrighty, sit down and enjoy.
9. Which Doctor Will You Be Chosen As? (304)
Get ready to push that button!
10. What Supernatural Character Will You Be ... (286)
Let's wait and see~
11. Which GodTier Will You Be Chosen As? (1,239)
Let's see!
12. What SU Character Will You Be Chosen As? (794)
Let fate decide!
13. What Homestuck Character Will You Be Cho... (970)
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