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@Some_dumb_idiot Twitter…       I'm a loser who does draws sometimes. Boyfriendo
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Diagnosed by 12,015 people.
1. Unusual Game Overs (362)
More weird perma TF stuff for you nerds.
2. Dungeon Ending (3,621)
Looks like you were a little too unprepared for what lurked in this Dungeon
3. Potion Tester (1,107)
Drip the goop Witch needs a new tester for her potions, looks like you've volunteered!
4. FINISH HIM/HER (3,201)
Looks like you lost a fight, let's see what the opponent does to you.
5. Your inanimate transformation! (2,083)
A simple inanimate transformation generator. Warning, your changes may last longer than you wish~
6. How'd you get squished? (1,646)
Find out how you end up squished, and how long for!
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