Total people diagnosed : 131,342 people
1. What is your Pokemon Trainer class? (1,666)
Title says it all!
2. How would you be as a Yugioh Monster Car... (1,794)
Title says it all!
3. What type of anime character are you? (8,018)
an adjective and a noun is given.
4. What is your anime character name? (27,925)
If you were a character, what would your name be?
14 Anime
5. What is the title of your anime? (6,287)
The title says it all.
6. What is your anime opening? (26,061)
What is your intro's theme?
7. What supernatural creature are you? (2,550)
The title says it all?
8. What is your anime? (1,957)
What genre and number of episodes is your anime?
9. How do you confess/propose? (1,331)
The title says it all.
10. Which character are you? (10,505)
Which anime, video game, movie, ect., character are you?
11. What does your character look like? (10,395)
What is the appearance of your anime, movie, video game, ect, character?
12. What is your power/weapon? (25,561)
What power or weapon do you have? From the ability of flight to the ability shape shifting. From the...
13. Which character is your husbando? (2,711)
Which anime/video game character is your husbando?
14. What is your alter ego? (794)
Who/what are you secretly?
15. Which character is your waifu? (3,787)
Which anime/video game character is your waifu?
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