Total people diagnosed : 17,502 people
1. So adorably edible part 1 (722)
A 2-part blind date that takes an interesting turn.
2. The most likely way you'll be eaten... (809)
Put your name in and see how your predator will dine on you!
3. Knowing the inner work of a hero! NSFW (1,508)
You've been thrown into a random place. And as you shake off the dizziness, you look up and see...
4. Your first Pokemon NSFW (mostly 1st Gen) (3,033)
As our brave New trainer starts off on his first quest, they realize they need a Pokemon! How will t...
5. A hot spring snack (2,957)
When you go to the hot spring for the first time, you would think someone would help you, but no. In...
6. A predator among you (1,486)
I think the title is self explained.
7. Bullying (976)
Another day, another chance to escape the school before the bully gets his on you.
8. Bullying (size changing edition) (1,455)
You don't know how but the school bully managed to get his hand on a shrink Ray! And guess who ...
9. Lights camera burping (852)
Put the name of a character in and see what kind of movie they would Star on as a pred!
3 Vore
10. The boss's lunch (767)
It's your first day at your new job. Out of nowhere, you get called in by your boss to go in hi...
5 Vore
11. Inside of dating NSFW (2,121)
So you decide to try this dating app your friend recommended. And you immediately get a message of a...
12. What character eats you? (816)
You come across a famous character from somewhere, a cartoon, anime, or video game. Maybe it's ...
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