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Total people diagnosed : 4,822 people
1. Fantasy world with BTS? (109)
If you transmigrated into a fantasy world with a member of BTS, what would it look like? Heres your ...
2. Your MDZS relationships (372)
Who are you to the characters of MDZS? Find out here! ꉂꉂ(๑˃▿︎˂๑)ァ,、'`
3. What's Your 2020 BTS bgm? (103)
Which BTS songs will make up the bgm to your 2020? Find out here ꉂꉂ(๑˃▿︎˂๑)ァ,、'`
4. What % BTS songs are you? (166)
What's your inner rhythm? Find out your personality in BTS tunes~~ (o^^o)♪
5. Which mythical being are you? (Japanese ... (220)
Demons, ghosts, ghouls, mythical beasts or folk deities - which yokai are you?
6. What's your role in the zombie apoc... (470)
What you'll be doing after the brain-munchers rise
7. Who are you to BTS? (3,382)
What's your relationship to BTS? Find out here!! ٩(๑>ᴗ<๑)۶
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