rιѕυ ✧*。
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loneliness land aka Germany


Total people diagnosed : 2,546 people
1. How to make Saizō smile (110)
Enter your name and see if you are able to make the ninja of Hoshido smile!
2. How to annoy Leon (113)
How to annoy a certain Nohrian Prince
3. Which FE: if character are you? (251)
What is your fate?
4. Your Fire Emblem: Awakening husband ✧*。 (1,356)
Love falls where it falls ~ who will be your precious hero and protector?
5. How to annoy a certain Ylissean Knight (601)
Because we want this Knight to have fun, great Grima, just have fun.
6. How to ruin Frederick's birthday (115)
All the Ylissean Knight had been hoping for, was a nice and calm day, but people want to celebrate h...
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