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My Tyranny


Diagnosed by 1,601 people.
1. Your "SoulMate"... (544)
In quotes, because it's just random peoples
2. What OS/Console Are You? (77)
I don't know what write here...
3. Рандомная Вайфу (3)
Русская версия синдана с таким же названием (не знаю для чего я это сделала)
4. Random CrossOver Pairing (56)
Eh... Just Read Tha Title... And Ship Them...
5. Don't Know What To Do? (36)
Know out what listen, play, read, watch next! (X in track artists, mean feat, and, with, &)
6. Your SuperNatural Power (174)
Description Is Trash...
7. Your Skills In My Tyranny (33)
Description? 3 Main Skills In My Tyranny!
8. How You'll Look Like In My Tyranny? (27)
I Hate Descriptions! How you'll look like if you'll be live in my tyranny? My Tyranny - sc...
9. Your Profile As Metal/Grind Band Member (61)
I hate k,c,jpop. So I made metal/grind version!
10. Random Harem (268)
Harem With 10 Random Characters! (Contains Characters From Anime, Comics, Games, Fairy Tales, Ranobe...
11. Random Husbando (162)
Just Random Husbando (Or BoyFriend) From Various Franchises. Also Includes Real Peoples!
12. Random Waifu (160)
Just Random Waifu (Or GirlFriend) From Various Franchises
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