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Total people diagnosed : 2,471 people
1. Which Music Genre Are You? (95)
I very much like to write Core with a capital letter...
2. What Your Visual Kei SubGenre? (21)
I don't want write description...
3. Your "SoulMate"... (623)
In quotes, because it's just random peoples
4. Random CrossOver Pairing (97)
Eh... Just Read Tha Title... And Ship Them...
5. Your SuperNatural Power (194)
Description Is Trash...
6. Your Profile As Metal/Grind Band Member (87)
I hate k,c,jpop. So I made metal/grind version!
7. Random Harem (549)
Harem With 10 Random Characters! (Contains Characters From Anime, Comics, Games, Fairy Tales, Ranobe...
8. Random Husbando (577)
Just Random Husbando (Or BoyFriend) From Various Franchises. Also Includes Real Peoples!
9. Random Waifu (228)
Just Random Waifu (Or GirlFriend) From Various Franchises
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