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low poly @Polypholly
this is mostly a twitter for inside jokes
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1. bm discord servant summoning (42)
why would you use this if you're not in the bm discord is what i'm asking
2. servant stuff (82)
i just need it for my discord okay
3. some alignments (62)
personal use
4. your bm main (66)
5. yes no (129)
6. are u ghay (1,071)
this is a joke please go away
7. stat stuff don't bother (232)
8. What waifu can you build? (799)
Waifu Points (WP) can be used to "purchase" (create) whatever waifu you'd like. WP ar...
9. How good are your nurturing skills? (622)
How good are you at petting people and cuddling?
10. Are you a god of something? (1,843)
Randomly gives you something to govern over or something as a god. Not the omnipotent kind though. 1...
11. Random RPG Character Generator (672)
unoriginal but probably has a lot more stuff than others
12. What Kancolle ship are you? (299)
Kancolle = Kantai Collection. I should've known this was a waste of time. The stats are complet...
13. Who are you as a husbando? (8,941)
Hair color, height, dick size, all that. A less detailed version of the waifu counterpart (for now, ...
14. oho (471)
15. Who are you as a waifu? (97,874)
Hair color, height, cup size, all that. Use google if you don't understand any terms and stuff.
16. What is your legendary weapon? (3,326)
A lot of heroes in stories have their own special weapon. A holy sword, a giant scythe, sometimes ev...
17. Your Boku no Hero Academia Quirk (2,905)
Stats, Quirk, so on so forth.
18. Who are your harem members? (616)
You are a Harem Master! But who are the girls in your harem?
19. Your Supernatural Character Analysis (607)
This shindan randomly creates stuff about your user. More stuff will be added eventually.
20. What are your possible roles in a dungeo... (791)
Mage, healer, vanguard, etc. Of the many roles in a dungeon raid, which are you? It comes along with...
21. Boss Encounter! What is it? (539)
This shindan randomly generates a boss with random stats.
22. What branches of magic are you most skil... (1,893)
A simple shindan that depicts your magic ability in certain branches of magic. I was thinking about ...
23. Test your magic affinity (1,168)
What is your affinity like for different magic types? Take this shindan to find out!
24. What are your Hero stats? (424)
In another world, what are your hero stats? This shindan describes your special trait, weapon of cho...
25. What is your supernatural ability? (481)
This shindan comes with many powers and a chart that describes the stats of that ability. It also de...
26. What are your isekai stats? (326)
This simple shindan describes your character stats if you were [teleported to another world] (isekai...
27. What will Helper Bob say to you today? (191)
Helper Bob is this person in a little community I'm in, and he's the most positive person ...
28. How much of a degenerate are you? (798)
A shindan that says how much of a degenerate you are. Don't take it seriously, it's a joke...
29. Are you waifu tier? (2,337)
A simple shindan that says whether or not you are waifu-tier. This does not accurately represent any...
30. How good are your bedroom skills? (Femal... (1,908)
This shindan generates a radar-type graph that depicts how good you are when it comes to certain ski...
31. How good are your bedroom skills? (Male) (3,272)
This shindan generates a radar-type graph that depicts how good you are when it comes to certain ski...
32. How tilted are you? (382)
A simple shindan that displays how tilted you are right now. Accurate responses are coincidental and...
33. What do you do with your time? (603)
This shindan is a simple pie chart that in no way should accurately depict how one would spend their...
34. How good are your abilities at survival? (923)
Take this shindan to generate a chart that depicts your skills at survival!
35. How good/bad is a certain community? (326)
On a scale of 1-10, 1 being bad, 10 being best. Put in the name of your community in the box!
36. What are your stats as a waifu? (112,775)
How good of a waifu are you? Take this shindan to find out!
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