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Normie blob who draws stuff idk lol ❀ 190512 saw BTS and cried ❀ K-Pop acc: @PuchiHobi ❀ 🔞Art⚠️NSFW: @PechoGallery ❀ COMMISSIONS: forms.gle/vvLgjJKnCEpRFrHE6


Total people diagnosed : 2,729 people
1. Draw Your Shindan Girl (940)
Draw your results! Use #drawshindan if you post your finished work to Twitter!
2. Granblue Fantasy Character Element! (327)
Title says it all. What element is your character!?
3. Silly Name + Attack (1,300)
I don't even know
4. Your K-Pop Idol (92)
Who are you as a K-Pop idol??
5. Your Muv-Luv Pilot! (70)
What your TSF pilot looks like!
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