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Total people diagnosed : 138,612 people
1. Hero Stats (544)
Tried making a stat thing for heroes, let me know what I can add!
2. Random name Generator [ sorta rough sorr... (248)
Did a random generator for names, some are normal, most are not... oops...
3. Hot gurl generator +18 (1,422)
Wut will be ur hot gurl?
4. Cutesy name (1,116)
Cute names
5. Rad Nicknames (1,101)
The raddest!
6. What are your Kinks? [NSFW] (129,600)
Kinks Galore!~ [Enjoy a kink generator without the more sensitive kinks like Age-play, non-con, etc....
7. Gemstone Generator (707)
Get a gemstone of a unique cut, color, shape and size!
8. Color Palette Generator (1,907)
Colors! Get a Color Palette as well as how much to use of each!!~ *Not sure why some of the color...
9. DBZ Card Generator (131)
For a D&D campaign
10. New Pokemon Type Prompt (200)
Redesign a pokemon based on the type you get. Extras for if you pokemon type is the same as it usual...
11. Make a person (343)
Just something to make prompts for more stylized characters
12. Dress Designer (303)
Oof, this took a while. But I hope this is a nice and detailed dress generator!
13. The Box of Painful Junk (Weapon Generato... (249)
What weapon shall you wield? Come forth to the shiny box of pointy and blunt hurt-y junk to achieve ...
14. Character/Personality Rating (167)
Rating what's most important: Smarts - Food - Hardwork - Love - Gayness - Muscles - Understandi...
15. Griffon Generator (298)
So... many... birds.... 4,677 birds and 182 cats. What kind of griffon will you get? (don't mi...
16. D&D Mixed Character Generator (276)
More Races than a lot of other generators have. Enter what name you want for the character and see w...
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