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Welcome to the OFFICIAL Hidden Mermaids Page, surviving since 2015, June 15th at precisely 10:25 PM. goo.gl/AF4ltJ (That's our About page short link!)
Somewhere Under The Sea


Total people diagnosed : 17,863 people
1. Yandere girls do anything... (4,198)
...for their senpai
2. Your Perfect 5 Letter Nickname (3,171)
It probably won't make sense.
3. How cute are you~ (2,847)
I mean maybe..?
4. Komaeda (2,253)
Enter your name and see what level of terms you're on with Komaeda!
5. Can you stop Komaeda (2,137)
A shindan where Komaeda needs to be stopped, but can you stop him?
6. Which deres reign over you? (850)
2 deres, 1 person.
7. Komaaaeeddaaa... STORY TIME (795)
Story time.
8. Has The Thug Life Chosen YOU? (781)
Has the Thug Life chosen you?
9. Is it normal? This'll tell! (324)
Enter what you want to know is normal. Changes everyday to be up-to-date on normalness
10. Komaeda - Ice Cream and Dots (302)
Enter your name and explore the Ice Cream and Dots place with Komaeda.
11. Your Real Name... DR mixed in too! (205)
I'm not blaming you if you get a DR name
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