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Total people diagnosed : 4,976 people
1. Which "Dere" are you ? (1,276)
The [USER]'s type of Dere is [LIST1] ! #createdwithShindanMaker Made by @NeptunaAera
2. Why are you cute ? (732)
Oh my god, I've never seen someone so cute. This is what makes you exceptional.
3. Random Generator of Ship "My Hero A... (787)
This generator has no unique use, you can use it to: revive your inspiration for drawing, play, drea...
4. HEAVEN or HELL ? (121)
Everyone on Earth has just lost their lives. It is time to judge your souls and your life in order t...
5. Your Otaku skills (168)
Who is the best otaku?
6. Are you a good idol ? (302)
Thanks to a radar graphic, this generator will reveal you if you are a good idol or not!
7. Your relation in My Hero Academia (575)
If you were in Yuei, what would your relationships be in class 1-A?
8. You in Danganronpa (611)
What would be your identity and your relation if you were in Danganronpa ?
9. What is your house in Harry Potter ? (404)
You just received your admission letter for Hogwarts. Get on your broom, sorcerer's apprentice ...
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