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-You gave me hope and set me free- I am Neji Hyuuga. #NarutoRP
Konohagakure no satō


Diagnosed by 6,863 people.
1. anime looks and role (1,497)
your role and what you look.
2. How you die - Anime edition. (1,733)
This is how you die in the anime world.
3. Disastrous sleepover Naruto (609)
The characters of Naruto have a sleepover and it ends in disaster. Try it and see... This is not su...
4. What the Naruto girls think of you (1,071)
Basically the description is the title.
5. Mystic Messenger:Ships (777)
What the members think of your ship.
6. Your Fairy Tail boyfriend (345)
You're going out with a guy from the anime, Fairy Tail
7. MFW bf scenario (83)
My forged wedding party random boyfriend scenarios.
8. Love Live ship scenario (388)
A random ship scenario made totally at random.
9. SLBP: weird scenario (76)
Weird scenarios from ur favourite sengoku lords from SLBP (Samurai Love Ballad Party)
10. Your Naruto Shippuden boyfriend (284)
Get your Naruto Shippuden boyfriend.
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