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nava @NavaCandi
rambling about everything from sj to weird fandoms to learning japanese to memes, because I am a mess
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1. You in Humans' Rule (219)
For NavaCandi's Humans' Rule verse!
2. Which Legendary Pokemon Are You? (10,696)
Simple as that. Does not account for forme changes/mega evolutions.
3. Mermaid Gen (1,022)
It's gender-neutral, actually, and should work for any mermaid-like creature.
4. Your School Regret (1,099)
What do silly schoolyard mishap do you regret most?
5. Lewdness Meter (30,669)
Test your lewdness here!
6. Ethereal Heart - Godsona Generator (175)
Shameless little plug for an in-progress visual novel, Ethereal Heart. Check it out at navacandi on ...
7. Your Cute Tentacle Pet (537)
Haven't you ever wanted a cute, cuddly... slimy... tentacle pet?
8. What to do...? (459)
What ridiculous demand will be made for you today?
9. What Cupcake Are You? (502)
Just what it sounds like.
10. SUPER COOL AND UNIQUE Fursona Generator (2,763)
Warning: contains totally ridiculous results.
11. Godsona Generator (586)
Ever wondered what you'd be like as a god? Well, you can find out here!
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