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Total people diagnosed : 127,501 people
1. Which Dragcave Species Are You (649)
All dragons used in this belong to their makers and the website. this is for merely fan purposes and...
2. Your Spirit Holiday? (949)
What holiday makes up your spirit? (this is purely for fun, American Holidays)
3. Your Strange Phobia? (4,641)
What is YOUR strange phobia?
4. Your Strange Mental Illness? (7,303)
What strange mental illness will you get if you went utterly mad? ((just for fun folks~))
5. What Disney Villain Are You? (3,793)
Do you know?
6. What Disney Song Are You? (5,228)
Who doesn't love Disney songs? I say its time for you to find out which one you are at heart! :D
7. What's Your Super Villain Name (86,747)
What would your evil counterpart be called? find out!
8. What's your Super Hero Name? (5,137)
Let's see what your super powered self would be called by citizen's of the city you protect!
9. Your Signature Pokemon Move (1,906)
What would be your signature pokemon move? Well time to find out!
10. Your Magical Girl Power (5,198)
Let's see what power attack you would have if you were an anime magical girl ^-^
11. Your unique superpower? (5,950)
Here you can find what your unique superpower is. These super powers are not ones like "flight&...
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