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Total people diagnosed : 29,097 people
1. Your Captain America Civil War fate (794)
Whose side are you on?
2. Your Avengers Infinity War and Endgame f... (1,793)
Major Avengers Endgame spoilers
3. What Invader Zim character are you (286)
No one else did it so...
4. Who are you from Gravity Falls ? (1,189)
Are you con-artist Grunkle Stan ? or the ever chaotic Bill Cipher ?
5. Your in Gintama (990)
Who is your friend, who is your enemy who stalks you Lets find out
6. What Gintama character are you (1,313)
Who are you in Gintama
7. What are you in One Piece (2,731)
What's your orientation Romance Dawn - Fish-Man Island WIP
8. What One Piece pirate crew are you part ... (2,420)
Romance Dawn - Dressrosa WIP
9. What Devil Fruit did you eat (8,534)
Romance Dawn - Dressrosa
10. What's your Super Saiyan level (3,779)
What level of Super Saiyan can you reach and why 8D
11. Straw hat relations (3,119)
What do the Straw hats think of you
12. One Piece counterpart (2,149)
Who's your One Piece counterpart (Mainly characters from Romance Dawn - Dressrosa) WIP
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