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Total people diagnosed : 1,756 people
1. Which TV channel you like the most? (105)
Put your name here and see what TV Channel that best suits you!
2. What is your favourite animal? (258)
Reveals your true self of what kind of animals you like the most!
3. What kind of habit do you have? (207)
Reveals your true habits!
4. What kind of behaviour and personality y... (285)
Reveals your true behaviour identity.
5. What is your favourite drink? (320)
Reveals what kind of drink you like?
6. What is your favourite dish? (432)
Tells you which dish you likes best!
7. Which Polytechnic/ITE/JC suits you best? (29)
It tells which school and course suits you when you enter your name. But this is mostly for Singapor...
8. Which soccer player are you? (83)
Tells you which famous soccer player suits you best!
9. What will be your reaction to soccer pla... (27)
Tell you what you are going to do and how will you react when meeting soccer players.
10. Muhsin (10)
Nice guy
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