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Total people diagnosed : 4,335 people
1. Random Magix Fairy Element + Transformat... (343)
This is you as a Magix fairy with Enchantix High elements and Winx Club/World of Winx transformation...
2. Your Fairy Element at Enchantix High! (388)
You just have been accepted into the exquisite Enchantix High School for Fairies and Mermaids! Befor...
3. Duck Duck Goose (65)
Will you be a duck or a goose?
4. Random ROBLOX Game... (1,435)
You pressed the Teleport button. What game will you go to?
5. What Shopkins Season 7 Party Would You T... (56)
It's time to #JoinTheParty in Shopville! What party would you throw with your friends?
6. Do you have an inner-child? (202)
Are you a child on the inside?
7. What Shopkin are you? (76)
What Shopkin are you? (Updated on March 4, 2017)
8. Are you a noob? (453)
Enter your name/nickname/username to see if you are really a noob!
9. Are you a living trash can? (1,317)
Are you really trash? Let's see...
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