Total people diagnosed : 7,790 people
1. Your Werewolf Name (1,307)
moon moon
2. VOCALOID Love (2,619)
which vocaloid loves you
3. Self-Insert VOCALOID OT3 (469)
youre in a ot3 have fun
4. male vocaloid harem (619)
5. Vocaloid OT3 (436)
what is your vocaloid ot3
6. Genderbent VOCALOID Love (836)
which vocaloid genderbend loves you
7. Shameless Self-Insert VocaOTP (548)
shamelessly ship yourself with a vocaloid you frikcin otaku
8. what meme r u (501)
le meme xD
9. The Oregon Trail (333)
How will you fare on the journey to Oregon?
10. Upcoming VOCALOID3 (122)
Who is it? It's you, of course!
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