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Tweets a lot. Enjoys milk tea. Takes photos sometimes. Writes Swifty code. Can make dad jokes. I want a dog


Total people diagnosed : 45,855 people
1. You're a cat (33,868)
If you were a cat
2. My Anime Startup (3,015)
Will you make cash money from your anime startup?
3. Airport Security (2,586)
You got taken aside for suspicious things in your bag
4. good morning twitter (2,471)
Tweets an ephshi like tweet hooray good life decisions
5. When you'll quit twitter (1,544)
How and why you'll quit twitter
6. Love Live! Score Match Result (1,085)
Score match score match gotta beat them all.
7. Mike Br Remembers (671)
Things mike_br will never let you up on.
8. Box of crap (615)
What would you receive in one from Moshi
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