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Total people diagnosed : 23,820 people
1. วิเคราะห์ตัวละคร (1,904)
2. คุณเป็นโปเกม่อนธาตุอะไร? (356)
3. สเตตัสเกมกาชาคุณเป็นอย่างไร? (5,173)
4. Character Analysis (Update III) (1,789)
Analyse your capability! That's it! From SS+ down to F- 29/08/17 "Update III" 38 Spec...
5. Which Greek god is watching over you? (564)
You might not hear some of these guys. Look up for further details maybe?
6. Who's your mystic spirit creature t... (744)
Technically that's it. Find out! Warning tho, you might not expect your results xD
7. Random Character Generator (11,234)
For someone who need a random teenager character!
8. If you were a pokemon. What typing would... (941)
Yup. That is what it is.
9. Can you make it out of LCF Facility Safe... (1,115)
This is a reference for RaiinbowRaven's Facility named "Life Changing Facility". Wher...
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