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Total people diagnosed : 29,328 people
1. Your One Piece Bounty (1,925)
b-b-b-b-b-bounty, nani? Surely you're not a criminal, right?
2. Do You have A Devil Fruit (1,212)
"I like violence, it's like yoga except you still get to punch people."
3. What Devil Fruit Do You Have (1,757)
Includes the canon, non-canon and them from SBS
4. Random Gintama Character (240)
brah. character, random, gintama.
5. Would Luffy Let You Join His Crew? (1,419)
Because obviously you wanna be on the crew of the future pirate king.
6. Probability (208)
What's the probability for winning in lotto, getting into your favorite fictional world, gettin...
7. Anime Personality Types (466)
Like personality types but like in anime
8. Random Game (69)
Random games I have played I guess, lazy but will try updating whenever I play a new game or remembe...
9. What Element Can You Bend? (504)
Airbender, waterbender, firebender or earthbender, are you even a bender?
10. Your Nen Type (521)
What's your nen type from Hunter x Hunter
11. What's Your Quirk? (1,817)
Mostly just keywords for you to be creative with but might show up an actual quirk.
12. To Have A Quirk Or Not To Have A Quirk (292)
That is the question
13. Death Weapon Meister Academy Class (373)
Are you in the EAT or NOT class?
14. Do You Survive (142)
or u ded??
15. Meister or Weapon? (632)
Or maybe neither?
16. Random Anime Character (160)
a character from anime there's random, le gasp. I'm lazy so I will update this over time s...
17. Yes/No (115)
Yes or no
1 yes no
18. Random Anime And Cartoons (91)
Just some of the animes and cartoons I have watched (although not all)
19. What Type of Hunter Are You? (575)
There's many types of hunters in HxH, which one are you?
20. What Do They Think Of You? (1,611)
Write the name of a character and find out what they think about you and hope it's good (unless...
21. HxH Life (418)
22. Random Diabolik Lovers Group (256)
Group of three
23. Random Diabolic Character (96)
'cause why not?
24. You're the Best Girl (479)
Now what made you the talk of the school and the conqueror of everyone's heart?
25. Random Hunter x Hunter Group (340)
I don't know what you will need it to, but here it is
26. Random Hunter x Hunter Character (895)
If you need a random HxH character then here they are.
27. Hetalia Group (269)
Random group of Hetalia characters
28. Random Hetalia Character (467)
For when you want a random hetalia character
29. How Big Would Your Harem Be? (9,279)
How big a harem would you have?
30. What Do The HxH Characters Think Of You? (2,032)
Is it good things or bad things? Can you get along with everyone?
31. Are You Strong In Hunter x Hunter (668)
Well, are you?
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