Sodium Depresside
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Total people diagnosed : 3,630 people
1. MG Goldshire TRP Generator (NSFW) (451)
Who is your filthy Goldshire alt?
2. WoW Moon Guard Mary Sue Generator (1,946)
What is your garbage, lore-breaking OC?
3. WoW Moon Guard Half-Elf Generator (35)
What godforsaken lovechild has fate brought you? Results may be nonsensical.
4. Splorpo Tiktok Generator (45)
The memelord cometh
5. Human Male Paladin Generator (155)
Discover your inner Pala-sona, the white bread of the fantasy bakery.
6. WoW Cocktail Generator (27)
Also known as the Bad Decision In A Glass Generator.
7. WoW Moon Guard Godmode Emote Generator (413)
Generate an emote that makes nobody want to interact with you!
8. WoW Moon Guard Edgelord Generator (500)
Like the Mary Sue Generator, but DARKER AND EDGIER.
9. MG Awful Weapon Of The Day (58)
What is the latest reason people stopped taking you seriously?
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