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Total people diagnosed : 35,678 people
1. Who is your RPG Companion? (13,091)
Every RPG Hero needs a Best Bud! Who's yours?
2. Pacific Rim Jaeger Generator (12,469)
Create your Jaeger to defend the world from the Kaiju threat
3. Persona 5 Palace Maker (5,749)
What will your twisted desires give form to?
4. Who are you in the Star Wars Universe? (1,295)
Find out if you have The High Ground
5. What's your Mutant Growth? (1,116)
We all know how it works, Body+Radiation=Extra Limb. Let's see what you got!
6. What Video Game Should You Play? (1,024)
Wondering what Video Game you should play next? Look no further!
7. Last Meal (555)
You are on Death Row! What is your last meal going to be?
8. What shape are you (379)
Are you a square? Let's find out!
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