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A certified furry gamer who's into stuff nobody gives two craps about. That sums me up pretty nicely. #ArleForSmash Waifu: Carbuncle from Puyo Puyo


Total people diagnosed : 858 people
1. You are now a bean! (133)
2. is you bubby? (58)
are you am the bubby from diarrhea of a wimpy child?
3. Did you look for the gummy bear album? (41)
Remember to look for the gummy bear album, in stores november 13th, or pain and misery will be broug...
4. are you obama? (297)
will you obama or slap yo mama?
5. Will you lend the beans a hand or two? (14)
I've to prepare Dr. Robotnik a delicious bean feast.
6. Do you stink? (127)
In case you've been bullied with the "You Stink!" speedchat phrase on the online MMO ...
7. can you eat a fortnite (188)
do you want eat the fort tight in russia?
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