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Total people diagnosed : 591,026 people
1. A Pokémon Life (For Guys) (1,065)
Kawane Version
2. Abyssal Waifu? (757)
3. Actual Genderswap Generator (Female) (2,919)
You use your current hair and eye color
4. Aloha Alola! (3,511)
What should You do in Sun and Moon!?
5. Anime Bodyswap X type? (686)
Garrega GARREGA!
6. Anime relations (662)
Google characters you don't know
7. Anime Transformation!? (3,821)
Just Google any characters you don't know of.
8. Are you Kanmusu or Shinkaisei-Kan? (190)
Unite boat-folk!
9. Be the Waifu! (4,578)
An improved version of "You're the Waifu"!
10. Become a YoRHa unit! (2,639)
Scanners are the only Guys? Oh, my Note: Model E Androids all look like Toobie.
11. Bullet Hell Waifu! (296)
Now includes Ibara and Dodonpachi!
12. Can you go SUPER SENPAI!? (2,285)
Can you senpai!? PLEASE!? FOR KOUHAI?
13. Christmas is in Danger! (423)
Can you save it!?
14. Create an Android girl! (2,751)
Programmed for... Stuff...
15. Dark Souls Waifu (2,386)
You Married
16. Dragon's Crown Waifu (563)
Eh? Eh? Weh!?
17. Drakengard Life (660)
Make your own good ending!
18. Drakengard/NieR Waifu (601)
An alternate ending featuring you and the waifus!
19. Fate G/O Waifu or Daughter (3,184)
Join the Waifu Crusade! Lolis will be considered as Daughters instead of Waifus.
20. Fight against your Waifu!? (2,206)
You got into a fight with a character, if you lose, she can claim you!
21. God Eater life (804)
(Male version) Deities taste good with salt!
22. God Eater Waifu (468)
For the love of Goddess!
23. Guilty Gear Waifu! (1,101)
only those who aren't officially paired, so no Dizzy or May for you!
24. Have a Gundam (893)
You now have a giant rohbit
25. Kancolle Fighting Tournament! (320)
When ships use fists!
26. Kancolle WAIFU (1,508)
27. King of Fighters! Look like this, Fight ... (438)
An entirely new thing
28. Lilim's Favor.... (1,988)
You're close to dying! But one of the Demon Lord's Daughters can save you! But in return.....
29. Magical Girl or Witch? (5,475)
Which are YOU!?
30. Mamono waifu (1,492)
Oh, my..
31. Mecha Pilot (Female) (1,273)
For protag and Waifu needs.
32. Monmusu Quest Harem (686)
33. Monmusu Quest R4PE Time (1,546)
Oh schizer...
34. Monmusu Waifu(s)! (2,320)
Why not more than one?
35. Monster Hunter: Personified Monster Waif... (1,400)
36. Neptunia OC (2,837)
Game on bro
37. Oh look, a Mermaid! (975)
38. Outfit/Costume Generator (5,256)
39. Overwatch Waifu (6,525)
It ain't over till I say its OGRE.
40. Pokémon Character for a Day! (692)
41. Pokémon Gijinka Maker (1,138)
Can't catch This!
42. Pokémon NPC Waifu (1,404)
Up to date with all waifu-tier NPCs!
43. Pokemon Trainer Class!? (842)
Where do you fit in?
44. Pokémon Waifu (1,809)
Find out Now!
45. PSO2 Waifu (380)
Waifus in SPACE.
46. Real Neptunia Waifu (2,398)
For realzies!
47. Reincarnated into a Monster Girl! (702)
Based on Monster Girl Encyclopedia, you have now been sent to a world of loods! Here's the list...
48. Senran Kagura OC! (1,560)
49. Senran Kagura Waifu! (2,197)
Oh, YAY!
50. Soul Calibur Waifu (576)
No yuri please...
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