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Diagnosed by 327,948 people.
1. Which Waifumon are You? (253)
Ever wondered?
2. Outfit/Costume Generator (1,110)
3. Monster Hunter: Personified Monster Waif... (758)
4. Actual Genderswap Generator (Female) (1,654)
You use your current hair and eye color
5. Drakengard Life (527)
Make your own good ending!
6. God Eater life (575)
(Male version) Deities taste good with salt!
7. Drakengard/NieR Waifu (392)
An alternate ending featuring you and the waifus!
8. Pokémon NPC Waifu (886)
Up to date with all waifu-tier NPCs!
9. Be the Waifu! (3,154)
An improved version of "You're the Waifu"!
10. Which Female Servant are You? (1,001)
Now you can BE the Waifu!
11. Ultra Genderswap Generator (Part 2) (2,347)
3 sizes of fun
12. Ultra Genderswap Generator (Part 1) (3,265)
Face and Hair
13. PSO2 Waifu (271)
Waifus in SPACE.
14. Fate G/O Waifu (2,131)
Join the Waifu Crusade!
15. Have a Gundam (548)
You now have a giant rohbit
16. Your Phantasy Star Online 2 Race (198)
17. Your Waifu-gami (1,629)
Which goddess has come to take you from your Waifu!?
18. Become a YoRHa unit! (1,300)
Scanners are the only Guys? Oh, my Note: Model E Androids all look like Toobie.
19. What are you in the DrakenNier Universe (341)
Inspired by that Skeleton Man!
20. Your Waifu in Gundam (671)
Waifus and Rohbits? Yay!
21. Mecha Pilot (Female) (963)
For protag and Waifu needs.
22. Your Mech (1,145)
Because rohbits
23. You're the Waifu: Part 1! (With Sta... (9,793)
Your appearance as a waifu.
24. Ultra Waifu Genarator (Part 5) (4,509)
She Has a NAME! (And personality)
25. Ultra Waifu Generator (Part 4) (4,106)
Put some Clothes on!
26. Ultra Waifu Genarator (Part 3) (8,954)
What IS She?
27. Ultra Waifu Genarator (Part 2) (4,505)
The Body Part
28. Ultra Waifu Genarator (Part 1) (13,795)
Face description
29. Which Monster Hunting game are You from? (299)
Farming is a Biznitch.
30. Tekkoverse: Shindan-Powered! (100th Shin... (132)
What are you in my crazy world!? And which world in that world!? (Female Version)
31. Which Waifumon Loves You? (1,119)
For you Lewd trainers.
32. Which God Eater are you? (383)
Feel the Rage... (Burst)
33. Who are you in Project X Zone? (211)
Crossing Over!
34. Oh look, a Mermaid! (715)
35. Your Stats! (70,558)
D rank= low SSS rank= highest
36. What ARE You exactly? (6,164)
No really. What are you?
37. Which Intoner are you? (322)
Drag on, you Dragoon!
38. Create an Android girl! (1,755)
Programmed for... Stuff...
39. Senran Kagura OC! (769)
40. Overwatch Waifu (5,779)
It ain't over till I say its OGRE.
41. Your life with Monmusu 2! (563)
42. Your life as a Monmusu (678)
Enjoy your new life! Don't screw up...
43. Pokémon Character for a Day! (561)
44. Pokémon Gijinka Maker (814)
Can't catch This!
45. A Pokémon Life (For Guys) (764)
Kawane Version
46. Tekken! Look like this, Fight like This! (465)
Easy Tekken OCs
47. King of Fighters! Look like this, Fight ... (341)
An entirely new thing
48. You as a Succubus (4,181)
How lewd!
49. Lilim's Favor.... (1,203)
You're close to dying! But one of the Demon Lord's Daughters can save you! But in return.....
50. Your Street Fighter Waifu! (747)
A shindan for every fighting game...
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