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Rhymes with tomato. I love ghosts, pokemon, + buff dudes. He/Him SFW Account. Icon by ME! Personal account is @swoltergeist1


Total people diagnosed : 3,568 people
1. What Is Your Awesomeness Level? (275)
Find out just how AWESOME you really are.
2. What's Your Pokémon? (149)
Randomly assigns a Pokémon to you (Gen 1-8), and no, Magikarp isn't the only possible outcome. ...
3. Which Fallout 4 Companion Are You? (491)
As it says. Which of the 16 Fallout 4 companions are you? Includes DLC companions now as well.
4. Your Katoverse OC (96)
Katoverse is my own OC world-building story project, so now you can make your own dude or dudette or...
5. Your Monster Boyfriend (2,557)
Date yourself some monster boys! Results change daily.
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