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Rhymes with tomato. I love ghosts, pokemon, + buff dudes. He/Him SFW Account. Icon by ME! Personal account is @swoltergeist1


Total people diagnosed : 3,790 people
1. What's Your Pokémon? (161)
Randomly assigns a Pokémon to you (Gen 1-8), and no, Magikarp isn't the only possible outcome. ...
2. Your Monster Boyfriend (2,752)
Date yourself some monster boys! Results change daily.
3. Your Katoverse OC (99)
Katoverse is my own OC world-building story project, so now you can make your own dude or dudette or...
4. Which Fallout 4 Companion Are You? (503)
As it says. Which of the 16 Fallout 4 companions are you? Includes DLC companions now as well.
5. What Is Your Awesomeness Level? (275)
Find out just how AWESOME you really are.
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