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i like memes and music, also a cyberpunk.


Total people diagnosed : 2,736 people
1. Which character of mine will fall for yo... (174)
Oh boy please don't actually bang the electronics and programs. //PLEASE DON'T ACTUALLY PA...
2. How light will you become? (225)
Somehow, you have lost TOOO MUCH WEIGHT, but how?
3. How tall will you be? (1,299)
You somehow magically grew tall, how tall are ye now?
4. Daheck will you do when drunk? (296)
Get ova here and see what you get.
5. Which LAPFOX TRAX alias are you? :3 (146)
I like LAPFOX TRAX a lot, so here!
6. Which of my OC's will be in love wi... (332)
You'll never know which one of my OC's will love ya. :3
7. Are you lying? (264)
Are you really are?
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