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I love theatre, writing, sweets, hugs, animals, books, my friends, YouTube, fandoms, and pondering the brevity of my existence as I stare into the void.


Diagnosed by 2,483 people.
1. What would your role be in a horror movi... (202)
Yeet goes the weasel
2. Your Ultimate Talent (167)
3. Alternative Insult Generator (199)
Ever wanted to insult someone, but also be innovative? This is for you! If both adjectives are the s...
4. Can this guess your D and D Alignment? (621)
What alignment would you hold in the universe of Dungeons and Dragons?
5. Can This Guess Your MBTI Type? (210)
MBTI stands for Myers-Brigg Typer Indicator. Your type shows how you interact with the world around ...
6. What's your Magical Girl Name? (557)
What will you introduce yourself as when fighting monsters?
7. Who are you in "Phantom of the Oper... (81)
Just a test after being gone for a while, I guess.
8. Find out your future life. (446)
Also very legit.
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