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Total people diagnosed : 83,188 people
1. Super Smash Bros. 4 Tournament Character... (20,646)
Which character are you going to take to your tourney to win it? Let's find out. (Mii included)...
2. Which Smash Bros. girls would date you t... (2,281)
NEWS: Just in! Which Super Smash Bros. girl (or girls) are willing to date you today? Be sure not to...
3. What's your pokemon name and catch ... (1,126)
What name would you have as a pokemon and how hard would you be to catch? And with that, assume what...
4. Spirit Pokémon! (56,946)
Which pokémon, based on your pokédex (pokédex number), is your spirit pokémon? Get your pokedexes ou...
5. Did you win today? (546)
Find out if you won today!
6. What kind of anime character are you? (1,643)
See how you would end up as a character in the anime universe! (Some results were shortened to fit a...
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