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Total people diagnosed : 8,946 people
1. What's the best Naruto shipping? (317)
Who do you ship in Naruto?
2. Who is hiding under your bed? (3,800)
You aren't alone...
3. Songs throughout your life (366)
The songs that will be played throughout your life...
4. How kawaii are you?? (354)
Kawaii means cute btw
5. How awesome are you?? (188)
How awesome are you?
0 Love
6. Your future life (534)
I see your future, and what will you become!
7. Who is your anime lover?? (655)
Who is your anime lover??
8. You're best features (2,437)
What people like/love about you
9. What makes you?? (295)
What makes you?
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