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Total people diagnosed : 5,265 people
1. What's Your JoJo Stand? (339)
You've been pierced by the stand arrow? Your stand awakens!!! What could it be?
2. What are your RPG Character Stats? (712)
If you were an RPG character, what would your statistics show?
3. What's Your Weapon? (479)
A weapon makes a knight, and you are a knight. So what is your weapon?
4. What are you as a Smash Character? (1,972)
This will test what kind of character you are in smash. Will you be a hard hitter like Ganondorf or ...
5. Your Personalized DND Character! (1,345)
Take this as a template for a dungeons and dragons character if you're low for ideas! It includ...
6. What is your Gem? (Steven Universe) (418)
It will show your: Gem Weapon (If You Have One), Gem Type, Which diamond you serve (or if you'r...
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