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Total people diagnosed : 4,197 people
1. What are your RPG Character Stats? (664)
If you were an RPG character, what would your statistics show?
2. What's Your Weapon? (401)
A weapon makes a knight, and you are a knight. So what is your weapon?
3. What are you as a Smash Character? (1,762)
This will test what kind of character you are in smash. Will you be a hard hitter like Ganondorf or ...
4. Your Personalized DND Character! (1,040)
Take this as a template for a dungeons and dragons character if you're low for ideas! It includ...
5. What is your Gem? (Steven Universe) (330)
It will show your: Gem Weapon (If You Have One), Gem Type, Which diamond you serve (or if you'r...
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