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Total people diagnosed : 8,981 people
1. Gay Status Generator (217)
ftz and aa
2. Future Drug Generator (196)
What's your super futuristic dangerous street drug?
3. D&D Character Creator (1,052)
Selects the basic characteristics for a new dnd character.
1 DnD
4. what even are you? (2,273)
who are you really tho?
5. TVTrope Generator (376)
Generates 4 tropes to describe you!
6. TVTropes Character Generator (3,260)
Generates a set of tropes to inspire a character. You may need to look up tropes you are unfamiliar ...
7. Daily Color Palette (1,102)
Generates 6 colors, changes every day! Colors are lighter in chart than hex values shown.
8. SWL Challenge Dungeons (45)
Bored of doing dungeons the right way? Try randomly generating two of your abilities!
9. SWL Alliances (19)
Where does your bee's loyalty lie?
10. How SWL are you? (42)
Is your bee the swolest in all of SWL? diagnose to find out!
11. Greatest Hit Generator (88)
Your next hit's name, genre, and effect.
12. SWL Fck Marry Kill (58)
Enter your name and find out which Secret World Legends character you'd f*ck, marry, and kill!
13. SWL Ship Generator (31)
Who's your OTP? o:
14. Dumb Bee Deaths (86)
Obituary for your bee's latest death.
15. SWL Bee Generator (136)
Makes a nifty SWL Bee description
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